Cross-Cultural Parenting Program

Program Description 

The program helps immigrant parents cope with parenting challenges in a new country and culture.


Program Details

  • Educational sessions for parents of children 0-6 years old
  • Educational sessions for parents of teenagers
  • Individual parenting skills support
  • Customized educational sessions and support for fathers
  • Customized educational sessions and support for grandparents
  • Understanding expectations of Canadian society
  • Facilitator training workshops for service providers working with immigrant families


Eligible Clients

The program is available for all immigrant parents and grandparents, including Canadian citizens with language and cultural barriers.


Additional Program Information

  • Parents learn how to connect their cultural values with Canadian expectations
  • Parenting courses are offered over a period of five weeks (two-hour sessions, twice a week)
  • The program is available at various locations throughout Calgary
  • Program manuals are available in the following languages: Arabic, Dinka, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Mandarian, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese
  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional supports


Free childcare and first language is available.


Translated Documents
Arabic | Chinese | Farsi | Hindi | Punjabi | Spanish | Vietnamese


For more information please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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