Career Focus for Immigrant Youth

Program Description 


The program objective is to provide career-related support and work experience to immigrant youth between 15 and 30 years of age. The project will provide employment ready youth with work experience and individualized support that will help them transition into relevant and career related employment in Canada.


Program Details

  • 2-3 weeks of pre-employment training
  • 22 weeks paid Canadian work experience toward a career objective
  • Weekly Advanced Employment Training workshops
  • Job search support


Eligible Clients

The program is available to immigrant youth who are permanent residents, convention refugees or citizens. Applicants must be 30 or less in age, have at least a year of work experience, in their career area, from their own countries and preferably have benchmarks of 7 or higher. Applicants cannot have received EI for at least 3 years prior to taking the program.

Additional Program Information 

  • Work experience is offered in collaboration with businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Participants are reimbursed for childcare and transportation costs
  • Participants enhance networking skills
  • Individual career planning support available for all participants
  • Follow-up support after program completion
  • referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional support services


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