Gerda R. Bloemraad Educational Scholarship Recipients 2018

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Jing Hua (Jen) Guo, Gerda R. Bloemraad and Christine Jade Salas 


Christine Jade Salas and Jing Hua (Jen) Guo were the recipients of Gerda R. Bloemraad  Educational Scholarship at CIWA's AGM on June 19th. Gerda R. Bloemraad Educational Scholarship aims to provide monetary assistance to CIWA clients or volunteers, who wish to further their education or commence a course at an accredited institution in a subject of their choice.


Jing Hua (Jen) Guo is aspiring to become a doctor upon graduation from the International Baccalaureate Program at Western Canada High School.  She will commence her studies in September 2018 in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Calgary.  Originally from China, Jen is the Co-Founder and President of Learn-Teract, a non-profit organization providing equal access to fair and quality education for all youth in Calgary. Jen has been volunteering her time for the past four years to support youth programming at CIWA through mentorship.


Christine Jade Salas is currently completing her last year of high school at James Fowler.  Originally from the Philippines, Christine has been participating in CIWA programs for the past two years, including the Youth Mentorship Program and the Made to Measure: An Intergenerational Dress Story initiative.  Christine has been accepted into Nursing and Child Studies at Mount Royal University to pursue her dream of helping others and will start her studies this September.  Christine continues to be an active volunteer at CIWA.