Bridge to Success for Professional Immigrant Women


This program is no longer accepting clients.  For other CIWA employment bridging programs click here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Program Description

Bridge to Success helps immigrant and refugee women unable to attain professional experience in their field of expertise related to administration, sales and marketing, community and social services, and other related professions connect to the labour market. Clients receive 16 weeks of in class training focused on pre-employment training, occupation skill training, essential skill training such as digital skill building, leadership development, workplace communication, as well as employment skill building.  Clients also enter a 10 week mentored work experience placement.

Project Details

  • 14 weeks of pre-employment training including:
    • Workplace essential skills
    • Soft skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Workplace culture
    • Business communication
    • Job search and retention
    • Individualized career planning support
    • Advanced computer training

Eligible Clients

This project is available to immigrant women who are permanent residents or citizens age 30 or over and have a professional background or work experience. Clients who are unemployed or underemployed, eligible for EI, have current or past EI claims and have Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) 7 or higher are eligible to apply.

Additional Program Information

  • Work experience offered in collaboration with businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Reimbursement for transit costs may be available during the program
  • Future learning grant opportunities available for all participants
  • Enhanced networking skills offered to all participants
  • Individual career planning support
  • Office computer skills training
  • Follow-up support after program completion
  • Referrals to other CIWA programs help participants access additional support


"The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the GovernmentofCanada to provide employment support programs and services."


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