Board Director - Praneeta Kumar

Praneeta Kumar has spent most of her childhood in the Middle East & India.  She holds a chartered accountant designation and a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology).

She currently is a senior manager in the audit practice at KPMG LLP.  Praneeta’s profession calls for examining facts with careful attention to details which greatly contributes to her critical thinking skills, proficiency in assessing needs and providing effective liaison with team members and clients.
Praneeta is a self-motivated individual who relates well to a broad range of personalities and cultures from all roles and walks in life.  Her desire to explore different countries and her passion towards helping those in need has led her to volunteering with many initiatives in various countries. 

As member of CIWA Board of Directors, Praneeta looks forward to contributing her expertise to help empower immigrant women.

 "Volunteering at CIWA has been a fantastic way for me to evolve as an individual in our community by consistently learning  about the different problems faced by immigrant women/families as they begin settle in Canada. Volunteering at CIWA  enables me to use my strengths/skills to help immigrant women and families settle in Canada with a much broader reach  than simply based on my association in the community.  As a daughter of immigrant parents who moved to Canada 30+  years ago, at CIWA I am assured that I am a playing a small part of the positive changes, improvements and solutions to the  struggles that immigrants have faced for many years when moving to Canada. "