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about us  Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) is a non-profit   organization established in 1982 as a registered charity. CIWA is a   culturally diverse settlement agency that recognizes, responds to, and   focuses on the unique concerns and needs of immigrant and refugee   women, girls and their families. CIWA’s uniqueness  is based on having   a narrow gender related mandate, which has provided best practices in   developing customised female focused initiatives. These initiatives   always include children and their well-being as important outcomes of   our engagement. During its 35-year history, CIWA has developed innovative programs, entered into partnerships and become an organization that is truly responsive to the unique and diverse needs of its constituency. Over the years, CIWA has made  the transition to Canada a more comfortable, pleasant and successful one for more than 80,000 immigrant women.


  Currently, CIWA offers 40 programs and projects that use a holistic approach to service delivery in the areas of settlement and integration, literacy and language    training, employment support and bridging programs, family violence, parenting, individual counselling, in-home support, civic engagement, health, housing and community development. All clients coming to CIWA, for group session or individual appointments, have access to childcare support.  We provide customised programs for youth and seniors. One of the most distinguishing features of our service delivery approach is community-based programming. We work in collaboration with community partners and offer programs and services in 92 locations around Calgary.


Over the years, CIWA has been honoured to receive recognition for our commitment to immigrant women and their families by the community.



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